Urbanity was born of the will to offer a strong artistic vision, shaped around the thriving evolution that urban art has shown in just a few decades. Today, it is coming to fame through a tremendous pictorial wealth, and enbodies with fervour the mark of an essential æsthetic and cultural renewal.

At the frontiers of urban and contemporary art, Urbanity has been founded away from labels and is immutably evidence of one of its first concerns: share with you our vision of talent through a selection of artists whose work we defend with the highest conviction and expertise. Therefore, we promote French and international artists issued from arising alternative currents with the desire to give the public the opportunity to acquire their first artwork, to initiate or expand a collection, but also to borrow most of the artworks presented on our on-line interface.

We make the choice to give access to artworks via an alternative distribution network, thus making our job as distributors fall within a civil approach aiming to make the acquisition and the enjoyment of contemporary productions possible to the many.

“Urban fine art” : because we like playing with paradoxes by shamelessly bringing together the technical and aesthetic virtuosity of the new forms of urban art, and the rigorous precision of the traditional Fine Arts. Witnesses at first of the metamorphosis of a demanding and yet understandable art, we have decided to become actors of its distribution through the representation of the often unexpected wealth now breaking through, thanks to the appropriation of the wall as a medium, to create a new practice, un-partitionned and limitless

Swiz Mural 2016

Vincent Abadie Hafez - Mural Shenzhen Résidence Jardin orange

Art advisory

Whether to support our artists career, or to encourage you in your endeavour to acquire a piece of art, the notion of accompanying is fundamental and unconditional. We have at heart to place the human being in the midst of our exchanges and we privilege the sensitive and didactic aspect of the relation to the artworks.

Being an art dealer requires to be multidisciplinary, to harmoniously conjugate the rapport and the expertise in art. Creating a link between an artist and a collector via a piece of art naturally mobilises those two dimensions. We made the choice to offer artwork coming exclusively from the primary market (straight out of the artist’s studio), thus guaranteeing a straightforward and committed distribution dynamic. This in order to offer you a faithful and respectful experience of the original creation approach

Proposing an assertive artistic line nourishes an approach that we intend to be meaningful. Art has no need for overrated and ostentatious speeches. Thus, by leaving at your disposal exhaustive information, we would like to give you a few keys, helping you to grasp an approach, to make out a personality, to immerse yourself in an artistic universe. We ally technique and sensitivity so that we may offer you relevant tools and advice, all along your journey as a collector. All of this being attentive to your needs and staying simple. Just like every artwork is unique, we like to consider you as such. This is why all our services are customised

Paulo Arraiano - Studio view Sediment series © Paulo Arraiano | URBANITY

Site specific projects

In situ projects are the very essence of urban art, being the possession of the medium “wall” and taking into account the spacial and sensorial dimension of the site as the host of the creative process and as a support for the artwork to exist. The artists we present all evolve around this proteiform guideline.

As supporters of the approach that relates them, we specialise in the creation of in situ artworks and installations; a choice that goes further than the regular acquisition of an artwork, going beyond the formal constraints in favour of a creation that is a whole, with unexpected, and often puzzling, possibilities

Relevant achievement of an artistic and conceptual work on the form and the substance, this type of hybrid creations aiming to insert the art into the wall and vice-versa, are possible in the house of a private buyer, just as well as in an institutional space. We plan and coordinate each intervention with the outmost commitment, in direct collaboration with the artist, and with the aid of designers whenever necessary.

Whether you would like to run by us an already clear and elaborated idea, or to call on us to help you along developing what is only just a feeling, we only come in within the artistic direction we share with our artists. In this way, we are able to be give all our attention to the prior study of your project, objectively assessing its reasons to be, as well as whether it is doable.

To match the needs and the consistency of our artistic proposal, we have made a specific in situ selection, putting forward artists having a contemporary and innovative approach of the appropriation of the wall and of the creation space. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in having site-specific installations or creations, and wish to look at our portfolio dedicated to the artists we are working with.

Brice Maré - Installation in situ "Double battants" Allemagne

Vesod - In situ artwork in progress at Hausammann Gallery (Miami) © Vesod | URBANITY


Whether you are a private individual or a company, we will study your requirements for site-specific projects (exhibitions, commissioned works, events, collaborations, didactic approach…). In order to fit your needs, we are at your disposal to share our expertise in the conception of artistic and cultural projects, scenography, mediation, creative communication and the redaction of a content. We like to be in close relationship with the artists we promote, so that we may be able to devise innovative artistic projects. Projects we take care of, every step of the way (upstream conception, logistic and coordination, final staging).

Scenography - Brice Maré "Time and place exhibition

Founder's statement

"To transpose a private universe, to embody it through a medium, to cast in a given emotional charge for everyone to see; it is out of this deep admiration for the artistic work, in every sense, that we saw our passion for artdealing emerge. Sometimes unsuspected, our role is to discover, promote, support and distribute carefully selected artistic productions, in order to obtain a coherent artistic direction. The challenge is to create a collective, artistic and interpersonal alchemy, which would make sense by its unity, within the same family, making the most of each member’s singularity. The concept of relationship becomes essential: we are benevolent with the artists we choose to defend, upright regarding the relationship we establish with the public and the collectors, and almost affectionnate to the selected artwork.

We do our work with passion, and it becomes more vibrant when paired with a certain risk taking. Since we have decided to support and fully trust young artists, whose career is just starting for some, we deliberately chose not to go for the obvious choices, to make way for a more astute artistic proposal, free from all influence, and reflecting an invariable understanding of the movement that we represent

This engaged state of mind has quickly crystallised around an artistic line based on our knowledge and esteem for all kinds of urban and contemporary art. Fully aware and respectful of the work that the actors of the graffiti world have already achieved, by giving an unparalleled impulse to this movement born from the street, we are part of a second generation of art dealers. We wish to continue this dynamic by supporting the appearance of new forms of urban art, respecting its original spirit and its history. This paradoxical structure is only possible because of the sine qua non conditions we imposed on ourselves: to promote artists whose approach is meaningful. In the midst of a current with diverse and un-partitionned practices, we privilege and encourage artists who stake on the complementarity of their proposals. Necessarily in situ, but also on long-lasting supports, so to avoid the pitfall of simply transposing the street into the art gallery. Indeed, we believe in the primacy of the context, from the creation process to the final confrontation with the public, in order to generate a relevant perception and apprehension of the artwork.

This quest for a meaning also applies to our role as distributors and implies constant questioning on how to enable artistic contemporary productions to be seen. Urban art is popular and easy to understand in essence, and has the duty to preserve the proximity that it has built from the start with its public. This is why we have decided to act out of our box by offering you to borrow most of our catalogue, thus helping the artwork to be accessible and appropriated for a while.

Urbanity is therefore a condensed blend of all these apparently disparate fragments, which have come to find the ideal harmony. There were born a fascinating project and an endearing family


Caroline Ruggeri


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