Authenticité des œuvres

Authenticity of the artworks

Each art piece is signed and numbered by the artist and will be sent to you along with its certificate of authenticity, also filled-out and signed by the artist himself (including the Urbanity silkscreen and art prints). We check that all the information reported are correct and fully guaranty the origin of the presented art pieces, which we receive straight out of our artists’ studios.

Authenticité des œuvres

Réalisme des visuels présentés

Realism of the presented pictures

Being able to notice the grain of a fine art paper, grasp the intensity of one black colour, make out the subtle transparency of a glazing… From the subject down to the signature, each detail counts and it is often tricky to reach an objective perception of the true nature of an artwork when it is immaterial. Thus, the photographs of the art pieces were shot in real-life situation, without montages or any cheating device, to offer you the most faithful reproduction of the reality as possible. In order to provide you with a truthful picture of the artwork without resorting to needless and even deceitful tricks, our photos show physical staging of the exhibited pieces (on neutral or coloured backgrounds, with the adapted lighting), enhancing certain details, throughout various shots, to be fair to the artist’s work, allowing you to fully appreciate its quality.

Conditionnement sécurisé sur-mesure

Carefully-packaged and customised shipping

We give a special attention to the way the artworks are packed so that they are safe during the shipping process, but also to ensure your complete satisfaction. You think acquiring a piece of art is not a commonplace deed ? We couldn’t agree more, and we do everything we can to make the actual discovery of your acquisition a privileged moment.

++ More details on our packaging methods.

Conditionnement sécurisé sur-mesure

Œuvres "prêtes à accrocher"

"Ready to hang" artworks

We attach particular importance to making the pieces easy to use. Thus all framed artwork or canvases mounted on stretcher frames will reach you ready to be hung on your walls. They are all set with a hanging system at their back, especially defined according to the nature and the weight of the piece. This guaranties a totally safe quality hanging.

++ The "more details" tab will indicate which hanging system has been used.

Œuvres "prêtes à accrocher"

Conseils et accompagnement personnalisés

Customised advisory service and support

You wish to be guided in your acquiring or borrowing endeavour. We are reactive and attentive, at your disposal to advise and support you according to your needs. Please do not hesitate to read up our FAQ’s, to contact us by e-mail, using the contact form, or to ring us on +33 (0)6 01 07 29 42. We will attend you with the outmost care and as quickly as possible.