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Aurel Rubbish - Born in 1981 IN Besançon (France) where he lives and works.
interventions : paper cut studio works on various supports, collages in public space

Aurel Rubbish - Tatouage

Precious papers on everyday walls

"Between the meticulousness of the ornamental details and the dramatic intensity of the subjects staged, Aurel Rubbish has created himself a troubling universe, tense, filled with paradoxes. Having a definite predilection for paper, his approach is built around the paper-cut technique (work consisting of chiselling the paper to reveal a composition). Each one of his artwork comes out of thousands of handmade cuttings placing patience up to the rank of unconditional necessity, before they lets us catch a glimpse of the expressiveness of a face or the details of an organic element. The simplicity of the paper is upgraded by the accuracy of the cuttings and the addition, here and there, of gold leaves, turning the humble support into a subtle and complex art piece.

Other art pieces are destined to become progressive ephemeral creations. The artist self-abnegatingly emancipates himself from the long hours dedicated to the creation of his one-off art pieces, and includes to the public space artworks, which vulnerability and message come against the formalism of the urban environment. Submitted to weather hardship, abandoned to the city hazards, his artworks integrate an exacerbating context, which reflects the mise en abyme of one of his recurring themes in his works : degradation and fading out. Adopting religious and mythological iconography, contrasting with contemporary references to tattooing, Aurel Rubbish offers a reflection on the cycles of life, specially illustrating the processes of metamorphosis. 

Receptive to the improvement of his work with a reflection on the meaning it bears, he foresees his pieces from sketch to framing, in a whole that he means to be constructed and controlled. Supported by influential figures of the urban art world, he is noticed by Shepard Fairey (editor’s note Obey), and in March 2015, is part of the collective exhibition “Paper cut” hosted by the art gallery Sublimal projects in Los Angeles. Recognised as being one of the major international artist in the paper-cut movement, his artworks are scarce on the market, due to the unusual production time they require. Rigorous and sought after art pieces to be preciously collected."

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Aurel Rubbish, collage dans l'espace public, "Street art dans les pentes" par Spacejunk, Lyon (France)

Aurel Rubbish "Birds session part 1", œuvre originale en papier découpé

Aurel Rubbish, collage espace public

Aurel Rubbish "Last triad part 2", œuvre multiple, giclée print en édition limitée

Aurel Rubbish, œuvre street art, "Street art dans les pentes", par Spacejunk, Lyon (France)

Aurel Rubbish "L'observateur omniscient", œuvre originale en papier découpé

Exhibtions & projects


Solo show, Square concept, Besançon (France).
"Saint-Maur fait le mur", collective exhibition, Musée de Saint-Maur, Saint Maur (France).
LA Art Show, represented by Copro Gallery, Los Angeles (États Unis).
"Format raisin", collective exhibition, Mathgoth Gallery, Paris (France).


 "Suggest", solo show, Speerstra Gallery, Bursins (Suisse).
"Paper pop", solo show, Mathgoth Gallery, Paris (France).
"French connections", collective exhibition curated by Speerstra Gallery, Galerie LJ, Paris (France).


"Grenoble Street Art Fest", collage in public space, Spacejunk, Grenoble (France).
"Paper cut", collective exhibition, Subliminal Projects Gallery, Los Angeles (Etats-Unis).


"New romantic", solo show, Mathgoth Gallery, Paris (France).
"Gratia Plena", solo show, Speerstra Gallery, Bursins (Suisse)


"The paper cut show by Rubbish", le Cabinet d'Amateur, solo show, Paris (France).
"Street Boulevard", collective exhibition with Thom Thom, Pasqua, Gilbert 1, Metz (France).
"Just in", collective exhibition with Smash 137, Nasty & Charlie Anderson, La lune en parachute Art center, Epinal (France).
Speerstra Gallery, Bursins (Suisse).
Ligne 13 Gallery, Paris (France).
"Cadavres Exquis", Cabinet d'Amateur, Paris (France).
"Street art dans les pentes", Spacejunk Art Centers, Lyon (France).
Mural in public space, Le M.U.R d'Oberkampf, Paris (France).


"Small is beautifull II", Cabinet d'Amateur, Paris (France).
Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (France).
Cabinet d'Amateur, Paris (France).


"Rubbish dedicates himself to the delicate and lacy sphere of paper cutting. Each piece, requiring hours of meticulous craftsmanship, systematically arouses deep emotional response in those who have the chance to come across one on the street. Influenced by his botanical background, Rubbish welcomes us to this world of abundant flora, which he puts into parallel with the Art Nouveau and Symbolism styles he cultivates and stages in his paper cut-outs. As in his "Metamorphosis" series, where man and flora merge, which is inspird by the Ovid's Metamorphoses. He nourishes each of his works with various references drawn from painting, religious icons and even tattoo art. His sometimes-corrosive universe captures our attention, but his poetry sweeps us away." (Text from the artist's website)

Aurel Rubbish "Last Triad", œuvre originale

AUrel Rubbish "Jinlipart 1" détail œuvre originale en papier découpé

  • Aurel Rubbish - Custom framed 2 colors silkscreen print (black / gold), 105X75cm, 2014
  • Aurel Rubbish - Original paper-cut out hand-embellished with platinum gold leaf, custom-handmade framing, 67X60cm, 2015
  • Aurel Rubbish - Giclée print hand-embellished with moon gold leaf, 62X44cm, 2015
  • Aurel Rubbish - Hand-embellished giclée print with red gold leaf, 62X44cm, 2015


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