"Jinli part I"

Aurel Rubbish - Original paper-cut out hand-embellished with platinum gold leaf, custom-handmade framing, 67X60cm, 2015

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  • Aurel Rubbish - Hand-embellished giclée print with red gold leaf, 62X44cm, 2015
  • Aurel Rubbish - Giclée print hand-embellished with moon gold leaf, 62X44cm, 2015
  • Aurel Rubbish - Original paper-cut out hand-embellished with platinum gold leaf, custom-handmade framing, 67X60cm, 2015
  • Aurel Rubbish - Custom framed 2 colors silkscreen print (black / gold), 105X75cm, 2014
Type of work Original artwork
Year of creation 2015
Medium and technique PAPER-CUT, COLLAGE hand-embellished with PLATINUM GOLD LEAF 23.75 kARATS (NORIS)
Unframed size 40.5x31.5cm
Overall size HEIGHT : 67 CM / WIDTH : 60 CM / DEPTH : 4.5 CM
Framing Custom-handmade dutch style picture frame, 7cm deep wooden moulding profiles, floating picture frame (two non glare glasses "Clarity" by Larson Juhl).
Certificate of authenticity Yes (sent with the artwork and hand signed by the artist)
Authenticity Hand signed by the artist on the back, countersigned on the back on the picture frame, stamped by the artist’s personal seal
Hanging solution ready to hang artwork : two hangers with a wire
Weight 5.2kg
Shipping Delivered within 10 - 15 working days with DHL
Packaging Packed in secure custom wooden crate to ensure preservation and conservation of your artwork during shipment
Shipment insurance Yes, we offer full value insurance coverage on every shipment

born in 1981 in BESANÇON (France), lives and works in  BesanÇon (france).
Movements : PAPER-CUT, street art.
Type of interventions : IN SITU installation works, PAPER-CUT on different media and surfaces.


Between the meticulousness of the ornamental details and the dramatic intensity of the subjects staged, Aurel Rubbish has created himself a troubling universe, tense, filled with paradoxes. Having a definite predilection for paper, his approach is built around the paper-cut technique (work consisting of chiselling the paper to reveal a composition). Each one of his artwork comes out of thousands of handmade cuttings placing patience up to the rank of unconditional necessity, before they lets us catch a glimpse of the expressiveness of a face or the details of an organic element. The simplicity of the paper is upgraded by the accuracy of the cuttings and the addition, here and there, of gold leaves, turning the humble support into a subtle and complex art piece.